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Foreign Lauguage

World Languages

Assistant Principal
Josephine Auilicino

Our goal is to prepare every student for the Second Language Proficiency Examination to be administered at the end of Grade 8.In both French and Spanish the focus is on proficiency.  By this we mean that by the end of eighth grade every World Language student will be able to communicate verbally and in writing with a Francophone or Spanish-speaking individual who speaks no English.  In French, the series used is "Allez-Viens".  In Spanish, the comparable series is "Ven Conmigo".  In both courses, the topics covered during the two years are:

Greetings, Self-Identification, School Subjects and Supplies, Telling Time, Places in The City, Transportation, Food and Drink, The Family, Health, Leisure Time Activities, Preferences, Dates and Weather, House and Home, Chores, Shopping, Travel, and Vacation.

In both languages, grammar is taught as necessary for communication, but not as an end in itself. Group and pair activities are used to increase participation and fluency.  Among the newest methods used are PWIM (Picture Word Inductive Method), TPRS (Total Physical Response Storytelling), and communicative interviews and role-playing.

We are also instituting a Latin Club for Sixth Grade students to commence the first week of October.  The focus here will be increasing vocabulary, enhancing historical understanding, and improving students' comprehension of how languages function.