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Assistant Principal
Susan Monahan

Talent classes provide students with the opportunity to receive a holistic education that will develop into a life-long appreciation of the Arts. This in turn will prepare students in becoming life-long learners as they become active and responsible members of their communities.     
The emphasis in Chorus is to help students become successful singers while keeping their voices healthy. Students develop vocal techniques that will advance from grade to grade while learning how to read music so that they can become independent singers. Students will have the opportunity to perform in school-wide performances while members of the Select Chorus (students from grades 7 and 8) will perform in various locations within the community. 

In Dance, students immerse themselves in the artistic process of creating, performing, and responding to dance.  They learn the methods of collaboration through dance making, building expressive skills, developing artistry and experiencing the power of dance to communicate.  Students also have the opportunity to perform, refine dance skills, and develop a unique personal voice in dance movement.