It is a unique opportunity for brainstorming with other great math students. It is a place to exercise mathematical talents in a safe, competitive environment. Members practice quick thinking and problem-solving strategies at various math levels, and compete in a variety of competitions that focus on individual and team performance. There will be a series of competitions that allow us to keep rankings and have a possible cut off score to form the team.


The annual student art show is a culminating event that is a celebration of students' creativity and achievements throughout the course of the year. It is a time for students to enjoy looking at each other's artwork and reflect on their accomplishments. They also experience what it is like to visit a gallery opening!


We have a wonderful band program led by Ms. Adriana Zastawny. Students from all levels of experience perform two times a year. Parents, family members as well as students are encouraged to come to Winter and Spring performances to cheer the band on!


Sage orchestra combines string instruments such as the violin, viola, cello to performance music compositions


Our Chorus program, under the direction of Dr. Peris Alban, performs twice a year in Spring and Winter to a packed house. Please come and support these talented singers.


Students utilized primary resources to distinguish the speciality of teaching artist vs choreographer vs professional dancer vs rehearsal director. Students made connections to 'The Arts' through health, wellness, mind and body.


Get ready to build your robot! This club is an after school program offered to our English as a New Language (ENL) students.


Computer club is a place where students have fun as they study computer science a project based learning approach. Students will develop ideas, develop quality content and create projects they can be proud of.


Join us in February as we come together for the first time to celebrate our ELA Family Fun Night. Students will be showcasing their literary skills by performing skits from plays, poetry readings, and original essays. More details to follow.


School Partnership Program creates and supports partnerships between business and school leaders that leverage their collective energies to foster strong school leaders and prepare students for college and career success.


This is the second year of our Boy's Baseball Team for all grade levels. Tryouts start March 2018. The team works on hitting, fielding and pitching. Outdoor practice is held at Juniper Park or Victory Field. Indoor practice at Russell Sage is held during inclement weather. Games are played against other junior high schools in Queens. In 2017 we made it to the semi-finals.


JHS 190 takes part in the Middle School Volleyball League (MSVL) which begins in early January and ends in the middle of March. The team practices every Wednesday through Friday during the season with league games on Saturday afternoons. We also play scrimmage games against other schools during the week after school hours.


We are delighted to announce that our sixth-grade Latin Club will be starting on October 2, 2017! Students will focus on increasing English vocabulary through Latin, comparing our culture and that of Ancient Rome, and, of course, speaking Latin!


Russell Sage is fortunate to have a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. This national organization of excellence celebrates not only scholarship, but also leadership, citizenship, service and character. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 may be considered for membership.


At Russell Sage, we strive to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment. Respect for all is a program addressing cultural diversity, discrimination, race, harassment, intimidation etc. The Deans, guest speakers and the use of other outside resources will meet with students in the auditorium on a weekly basis to help promote Respect for All within the building.


This class is designed to give students a prep course at a subsidized rate. The course is designed to help them learn not only the mathematical and verbal content necessary to succeed on the exam, but also gives them test taking strategies in their everyday course work. The content not only helps them for the SHSAT but also PSAT, SAT and Algebra I regents. Many students have mentioned that the strategies helped them solve problems that they struggled with on the regents.


Science Family Fun Night provides an opportunity for our science department to share the more playful, yet educational, aspects within the realm of science. Designed with multiple "hands-on" activity stations, students, families and community members are invited to "DO SCIENCE".


All students are encouraged to participate in the class-wide bee culminating in our school-wide bee which takes place in November. Out top 3 spellers then go on to compete in the District-wide Bee. The top spellers are then moved on to the City-wide Bee.


Join us this year as we come together for the first time to celebrate our Social Studies Family Fun Night. Watch as history comes alive for this anticipated night. Why not dress up as your favorite person in history. More details to follow.


Teen Thursdays is a cultural enrichment program where 8th graders will be partnering with the Paley Center for Media in Manhattan. Our Sage Students will be working on a public service announcement regarding "Respect for All". The program will run from October through April.


NYC Row is a program for girls and boys. Students are encouraged to join this wonderful program which takes place on Fridays and Saturdays at Flushing Meadow Park. Students learn teamwork, personal growth and perseverance while enjoying the exercise outdoors. This program supports kids both athletically and academically. Registration and tryouts take place in September.


Urban Advantage is a standards-based partnership program designed to improve students’ understanding of scientific inquiry through collaborations between urban public school systems and science cultural institutions such as zoos, botanical gardens, museums, and science centers.


This afterschool program targets our English as a New Language learners. Students meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting October through May where there is a concentration of language support and development. Students of all levels are encouraged to come.