Staff Directory

Welcome to our Staff Directory for Administration and Teachers. Please click on the links to be directed to staff emails.

Staff can also be contacted by phone (718) 830-4970, email and PupilPath



Mr. Greggo

Assistant Pricipal

Ms Aulicino

Ms Meneses

Ms Monahan

Guidance Counselor

Ms. Goldstein

Ms. I DelRios


Dr. Alban

Parents Coordinator

Ms. Obata

Office Staff

Ms. Criscione ( Business Manager )

Ms. Moussa ( School Secretary )

School Based Support Team

Dr. Ku ( School Psychologist)


Ledesma, Emely

Lee, David

Locascio, Stacey

Loew, Joy

Loiacono, Gabrielle

Martinez, Joseline

Matatyaho, Hanna

Michalowicz, Tomasz

Middleton, Georgina

Monahan, Susan

Napolitano, Annarita

Narain, Daryl

Noy, Kristen

Opell, Scott

Payne, Frajan

Ramirez, Julia

Randolph, Mary

Restrepo, Ana

Robert, Gail

Rodriguez, Maria

Rosenberg, Taryn

Rosner, Avram

Rothbort, Andrea

Royer, Michael

Ruffus, Christophe

Ruiz, Amie

Schaefer, Eric

Strining, Lyndsey

Sweeney, Robert

Tong, Carol

Tsourovakas, Theodora

Vogel, Tamara

Wang, Xiaolei

Wright-shilling, Caren

Zeideia, Bajes

Zeitlin, Elise