Student Leadership Team (SLT)

April SLT Meeting

School Leadership Team Agenda

April Meeting: April 21, 2021 Time: 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Virtual Zoom Meeting

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  • Welcome

  • Review and Approve March 17th meeting minutes

  • Updates on Sage learning

  • State Tests Administration

  • CEP 2021-22 SMART Goal Builder release

  • Review Teacher Reacher data for Parent Engagement

  • Agenda items for next meeting, May 19th meeting

  • AOB

SLT Minutes - January 20, 2021

Russell Sage JHS 190Q SLT 1/20/2021

  • In attendance: Jennifer Ling, Stella Xu, John Greggo, Adriana Grywacz-zastaw, Jean Kim, David Lee, Daren Moss, Adina Konheim, Titi Yasukawa.
  • Guests: Shoko Obata, Sonia Rueda, Caroline Meneses and various parents from Russell Sage JHS 190Q
  • Minutes recorded by David Lee
  • Meeting starts at 4PM
  • Last month’s minutes are motioned and approved.

Sage Remote Learning:

  • No changes now, or the foreseeable future. At the PTA meeting, SHSAT accommodations were discussed and the test would take place on 1/27/21. Students who would normally take the exam at Hillcrest will be taking it at JHS190Q (D26, D27, and D28).
  • Will students have class, since teachers will be proctoring the exams. Classes will be done asynchronous since in person teachers will be proctoring.
  • Mr. Moss asked if there was any consideration for collapsing the clusters and having more days of in person instruction, Mr. Greggo said we are still wait and see.

Sage Reopening committee:

  • Talents switch next week. Uniform homework policy for when work is due. A parent shared a document from Stuyvesant High School, Mr. Greggo presents it to SLT for opinions. Homework should not exceed 30 minutes; Homework can be given in advanced but appropriate days must be given for long assignments (example: 2 hours of HW should have 4 days of time). Ms. Xu asks about late work policy. A student was given a demerit for handing in late assignments. Mr. Greggo said work should be accepted but overall, we should be holding them to the standard of work being submitted on time. Mr. Lee mentioned that he disagrees with work being submitted late because it sets a precedent that work can be pushed back without consequence. Mr. Moss mentions that perhaps a hybrid model would work where there are tiers of lateness.
  • Mr. Moss brings up an issue with the grading of essays. He says there is not much feedback on the assignments, and it is making it difficult for the students to realize where they can improve upon. Mr. Greggo mentions that feedback can be given in several ways, including verbally in class. Ms. Kim mentions that she has witnessed the teachers given feedback on the rubrics electronically. Mr. Lee mentions that on google docs, when a comment is written on the work, the students do not receive alerts that their work was commented on.
  • Mrs. Yasukawa asks if teachers will have input on the uniform policy, and Mr. Greggo mentions that teachers will be able to add feedback and bring it to the faculty meeting on 2/1/2021 and hopefully be able to implement it soon thereafter.
  • Mrs. Yasukawa asks if homework will still be due on weekends, and Mr. Greggo says that the policy will not have homework due on the weekends but rather the first day back. Mrs. Yasukawa also asks if multiple tests given on the same day can be adjusted. Ms. Konheim says she realizes having day constraints is difficult, but did mention from her personal experience, she felt it had an impact on her child’s performance.

School Budget:

  • Mr. Greggo goes over the logistics of Galaxy and the costs being shown. Mr. Greggo goes over the Per Diem (subs, coverages, etc.) section. Mentions that Ms. He and Mr. K are the full-time substitutes. Then moves onto the Per Session Budget and how much of it has been spent already. Fair student funding is school funded, Rollover PTA means it’s a PTA funded activity. Goes over the Broadway funded project and mentions we will have an online play of “Annie”.
  • OTPS is the money for books, furniture, computers etc.
  • Rollover PTA means it was donated by the PTA.
  • Two televisions were purchased for the auditorium.
  • Goes over one line where there is a large amount of budget left. He mentions that this money will be used for SMARTboards, furniture, computers, etc.
  • Still a surplus in money for textbooks, will be purchasing more math books, and consumable ELA books.
  • Goes over the extra money spent to teachers who teach over 25 periods.
  • Ms. Ling asks if there are any concerns about having a deficit in any areas because everything looks good. Mr. Greggo confirms that at the moment we are in good shape budget wise.
  • Ms. Yasukawa asks if there is anything that the PTA can do to help the school with. Mr. Greggo says that for this year, we are in really good shape, but if possible, to rollover any surplus into next year in case we are not given as much budget for 21-22 school year. Ms. Yasukawa asks when we will hear about next year’s budget and Mr. Greggo mentions that that meeting normally takes place in June, and in July he should have access to the following year’s budget.


  • Goes into Goal Builder and goes over the target growth goals for various subjects.
  • Goes into the Quality IEP goal. The overall goal is to have more students graduate from extra services.
  • Goes into the school survey goals. Overall goal is to have more growth from teachers in terms of the support they feel.
  • Goes over the Action Plans. Teachers are meeting vertically and horizontally. After the MP assessments, teachers should be meeting with their AP’s and go over the data. Teachers should then meet in groups (second Monday of the month) and plan on how to meet these goals. All meetings are updated in the curriculum map.
  • Ms. Ling asks if the data would support whether multiple exams on the same day would have an impact on student performance. Mr. Greggo mentions how the data is researched. Mr. Lee mentions how the math team works vertically and horizontally.
  • Mr. Greggo goes over the attendance procedures with the CAASS system where every student must scan their ID card and it will then upload the data as to whether they have entered the building or are arriving late. This was the procedure for in person teaching, but for now attendance is taken second period on a spreadsheet and then manually entered. Time is now 5:31, and Ms. Ling mentions we are out of time and we can continue next time. Ms. Konheim asks if we can over the goal where we want to have students graduate from services. Mr. Moss asks about changing the CEP Goal being based on the state exams in the event of cancellations of the NYS exams. Mr. Greggo mentions we cannot adjust that until they are officially cancelled.

Meeting ends at 5:33

Next meeting is 2/24/2021