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    Message from our Librarian, Ms. Shilling-Wright.

    I want to make sure our students have the materials and experiences they need to succeed, so I just created a request on DonorsChoose:
    Replacing Pandemic Library Losses.  If you chip in, you'll get awesome photos and our heartfelt thanks.

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    Thanks so much,

    Mrs. Shilling-Wright

  • May Parent Newsletter

    Principal’s Address

    Dear Sage Owls,

    Happy May!  As the temperature warms up and the days are longer we begin to see glimpses of summer and of a time when things get back to normal!  While we’re not there yet we are planning for an in-person Summer Rising Program at Sage.  We urge you to visit the NYCDOE website to register.  

    Looking forward to September and working with our Student, Parent and Staff Reopening Committee, we are planning for a full in person school year 2021-2022.

    Please scroll down to see all the great things happening at Sage!  Scroll down even further to see and participate in all the great enrichment programs happening NOW!

    Have a wonderful May!


    John Greggo

    School/Community Calendar (Subject to change)

    • 5/4 - 5/7 Teachers Appreciation Week
    • 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26  Brain Power Wellness - Wednesday at 5 PM
    • 5/13 Eid Al-Fitr, School closed
    • 5/18 Safety meeting 8:10 AM
    • 5/18 PTA General Membership Meeting 7 PM
    • 5/18 PTA General Membership Meeting 7 PM
    • 5/19 SLT Meeting 4 PM 
    • 5/4- 5/7  MATH State Exam window 
    • 5/31 Memorial Day, School closed




    May  2021
























    Last Names: A-L

    All other students engage remotely

    PTA Executive board Meeting 

    7 PM 




    Last Names: A-L

    All other students engage remotely

    Brain Power Wellness





    Last Names: M-Z

    All other students engage remotely




    Last Names: M-Z

    All other students engage remotely

    Toiletry Drive ends! 






    Student Reopening Committee

    3:30 PM


    Parent Reopening Committee 

    9:30 PM



     Brain Power Wellness


     Eid Al-Fitr, School closed


    -Career Day for Grade 8 

    -Annie KIDS  Zoom at 7 PM







    Annie KIDS

     for students (Period 3)


    Safety Meeting 

    8:10 AM

    PTA Meeting 

    7 PM


     SLT Meeting 4 PM

    Brain Power Wellness














    Brain Power Wellness










    Memorial Day, School closed



    Annie KIDS, the Zoom-sical  presented by JHS 190 Russell Sage Broadway Juniors  

    The Broadway Junior cast has been working very hard on this "zoom-sical" and we are so excited for everyone to see it! 

     Date & Time

    • May 14th (Fri) at 7PM

    • May 17th ( Mon) During 3rd period just for the students.

    Location : Zoom (Link to follow as the date gets closer)

    See you on Zoom-sical!

     The JHS190 Broadway Theater Team



    The sixth graders have read a series of articles weighing the pros and cons of pesticide use around the world. They are currently completing Socratic seminar discussions on the issues of DDT, answering the question: "Do the benefits of DDT outweigh the harmful consequences?" This activity will be followed by a writing response on the same topic, in which students will weigh both sides of the argument to determine their own claims on the topic of DDT. 

    The seventh-grade students are currently writing argumentative essays based on Lyddie by Katherine Paterson. Students must choose whether Lyddie should or should not sign the petition that would reduce hours at the mill and promote better working conditions. They have been building upon skills throughout this unit to enhance their reading and writing abilities before beginning the next unit which is composed of an assortment of reading passages designed to hone the skills they have been developing throughout the course of the school year. 

    In the month of May, 8th Grade students will begin to wrap up the required components of the Horror Unit.  After thoroughly exploring many different aspects of Horror in order to fully understand its nuances and the art of creating suspense, students will focus their skills on drafting an original literary analysis. Students will re-visit, review and analyze the mentor text, “What Is the Horror Genre?”  

    The final writing piece will be a written analysis of the stories that they have read by applying the criteria for horror and all steps of the essay writing process:  Analyzing text, Gathering information, Conferencing with peers, Drafting, Editing and Publishing .



    Seventh-grade Spanish students will begin studying about family life in different Spanish-speaking countries.  They will be able to describe a family, describe family members, speak about the things a family does together, and discuss problems and give advice.  As a culminating project students have several options.  They may wish to make a family album, or a family tree.  More advanced students might like to create a board game for a Spanish family to play.  This will be a group project involving cooperative learning, delegating tasks, and creative organization of ideas.


    Eighth-grade Spanish students are getting ready for summer with a unit on vacations.  They will be able to describe what they do and like to do every day, make future plans, speak about what they would like to do on vacation, and say where they went and what they did on vacation. The final project will incorporate a variety of skills and vocabulary that students have learned throughout the entire year to put together a family trip.  Students plan the trip, the wardrobe, meals, and also make a list of souvenirs to buy.


    Seventh-grade French students will begin a unit on making plans.  They will be able to make plans, extend and respond to invitations, and arrange to meet someone.  As their culminating project, students will create a presentation of "The Perfect Vacation".  This can be done in English or French.  They will brainstorm a list of information tourists might need for the Francophone destination they have chosen, including attractions, average weather conditions, local customs, currency, and will collaborate to make a brochure for their intended audience.


    Eighth-grade French students have just completed a unit on travel destinations.  In their next unit, they will settle in a city location, and be able to point out places and things, make and respond to requests, ask for advice and make suggestions, as well as ask for and give directions around town.  As their culminating project, students will create a brochure for visitors with maps of their town or neighborhood, and written directions and descriptions of important attractions.  Students are also actively planning their Museum Day, to take place in June.


    Latin students have just completed a Unit in the high-school level book "Ecce Romani".  They will now begin a unit of study on Roman gods and goddesses.  They are actively working on magazine cover parodies, in which they create a Latin title for a current periodical, along with headlines ripped from Ancient Rome.  This will lead to their own Museum Day, also set for June, in which they will create Ancient Roman crafts, perform music, and follow Ancient Roman recipes modified for the twenty-first century palate.


    Students of Mandarin are set to begin a unit on weather, which will include a study of weather in different seasons, and various parts of the world.  


    On April 15, the ENL Department successfully hosted the Third Parent Meeting via Zoom. Ms. Kim and Ms. Retrepo shared 2021 State Exam Dates for the ELA, Math, and Regents exams, changes for 2021, and accommodations for Multilingual Language Learners (MLLs). The fourth and last of the school year Parent Meeting will be held also via Zoom in June. The meeting will share important information on graduation, promotional criteria, 

    Promotion-In-Doubt (PID), and summer learning programs. Please keep an eye out for a flyer with a sign-up link in your emails. It will be sent out in mid-May. There are Chinese, Russian, and Spanish interpreters available for every parent meeting. If you need an interpreter in a language other than the listed three, please email Ms. Kim ( when you sign up for the meeting. 

    Our MLLs will continue developing their language and critical thinking skills across content areas and learning platforms throughout May. Especially, Entering and Emerging students are making impressive progress on individualized programs. The Rosetta Stone English program implements Speaking practice and reinforces grammar rules. PowerUp program supports MLLs build up fundamental literacy skills so they can catch up to grade-level standards. Please encourage our MLLs to log on to the Rosetta Stone English and/or PowerUp daily to spend at least 20 minutes. Daily practice ensures the development of crucial language skills. 

    The New York State English as a Second Language  Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) is being administered between April 19 and June 9. The NYSESLAT consists of four parts - Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Speaking is being administered individually. Listening, Reading and Writing are being administered in small groups. Just like the ELA and Math State exams, students must sit - in for the test. Fully remote MLLs are not required to take the test. Blended learning MLLs will be taking the test on the days they are ordinarily attending school in person. 

    For the Math State exam (5/4 ~ 5/7), the Multilingual Language Learners (MLLs) who OPTED-IN to take the test are entitled to receive EITHER Translated Test book ( in Chinese, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, and Spanish) to use with the English booklet simultaneously OR bilingual glossaries in any available languages. State-approved bilingual glossaries can be found here.

    Please note that any students who do not participate in the 2021 NYS ELA and Math exams will not be penalized. 

    NYC Department of Education offers various FREE programs throughout the year and they are accepting applications. The programs include summer camps and adult Language Learning classes. Please check out the link below and search with your zip code for any available programs:


    During the month of May our students will be learning about:

    • 6th​ ​Grade​ ​Topics
        • Completing Geometry 
        • Statistics - including: measures of variation, measures of center, mean absolute deviation, and making several types of graphs, box plots, dot plots, histograms.
    •  7th​ ​Grade​ ​Topics​
        • State Test Review and Prep
        • Begin 8th grade Algebra topics including:
          • Laws of Exponents
          • Converting between standard form and scientific notation
          • Performing all four operations in scientific notation
          • Using Pythagorean Theorem to solve triangle problems
    • 8th​ ​Grade​ ​Topics​
      • Data and Statistics - Measures of Center and Measures of Spread, Statistical Displays
      • Functions - Piecewise
      • Regents Review



    • NYS Mathematics Assessment (Grades 6-7):  May 4 - May 7, 2021
    • NYS Algebra I Regents (Grade 8): June 23, 2021 @ 8:30 AM 



    The physical education department is gearing up for the warm weather. We will continue to make use of the school yard with outdoor sports and fitness activities. We encourage all students to practice health and safety protocol during p.e. by using their mask during play and using proper social distance. As a reminder, please make sure weekly fitness logs are filled in and submitted by Friday afternoon. Work for MP3 & MP4 can still be made up, and handed in, so now is a good time to catch up on any missed assignments. Thank you.


    During the month of May, our students will be learning about:

    • 6th​ ​Grade​ ​Topics
      • Taxonomy and classification. 
      • Name organisms using the binomial nomenclature.
      • Introduction on ecology. 
      • The different types of relationships amongst organisms of the same species and organisms of different species.
    •  7th​ ​Grade​ ​Topics​ 
      • Ecology - interactions between organisms and the environments they live in. 
      • Review various relationships between organisms while analyzing the different biomes where these organisms are found.  
      • Humans have impacted the ecosystems found within these biomes
    • 8th​ ​Grade​ ​Topics​ 
      • Introduce ecology and the important components found within an ecosystem. 
      • Analyze food webs and food chains to determine what factors affect the various organisms. 
      • Examine renewable and non-renewable resources and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each.


    NYS Living Environment Regents (Grade 8): June 22, 2021 @ 8:30 AM


    Grade 8 students NOT taking the NYS Living Environment Regents - Grade 8 Science Exam:

    • Written Test: June 7 - June 9, 2021



    Grade 6 Social Studies will be examining interactions across the Eastern Hemisphere after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. This will include the rise of new social orders, proliferation of early trade networks, the contribution of Byzantine and Islamic Empires, and ways culture diffusion accelerated. At this point of the year students will be applying their skills in analyzing primary and secondary sources from previous units and applying these skills to evaluate historical points of view and developing claims based on complex evidence.  


    Other 6th grade classes will be continuing our unit on China.  We will be examining the dynasties of Ancient China and their contributions to world culture.  An argument on the costs and benefits of the Great Wall of China will be one focus of class discussion and writing.  As the month progresses, we will examine the Mongol invasions of China and the long-lasting consequences of these invasions.  Both primary and secondary sources will be examined.

    7th Grade Social Studies students will continue investigating causes leading up to the Civil War during the Antebellum Era by analyzing primary and secondary sources using Google Classroom.  

    8th Grade Social Studies students will continue discussing social, political and economic effects of the Cold War era. Students will also continue evaluating government's role in economy by comparing FDR's New Deal, Johnson's Great Society and today. One major focus this year is scholars' social emotional learning and so we continue incorporating restorative justice circles to address current social and political issues. All students are encouraged to make up work in order to obtain a passing grade and go to high school with advanced skills. 




    Find Art work in this link:


    The sixth-grade students are starting their instruments of the orchestra unit where they will explore various musical instruments and their role in the orchestra and other ensembles. They will also have an opportunity to hear some of the instruments played by the eighth-grade students and ask them any additional questions they may have within this unit. 

    The seventh-grade students will begin exploring music through the decades. They will focus on how the events within each decade influenced the music of that time and how the melodic structures have changed through time.

    The eight grade students are finishing their song parody projects which they will share with each other in mid-May. They will then move on to learning about performing and non-performing music careers.


    Virtual Band:

    Please submit photos of your children playing their instruments for our final virtual band concert!



    The Tri-M Music Honor Society has held a very successful toiletries drive! Thank you to all families who have donated toothbrushes and toothpaste! 

    Special thank you to Ms. Obata and Mr. Austin for your assistance with this project!!




    Congratulations to Victor Lai for winning the first prize in the Queensborough Symphony Music Competition as well as in the 9th edition of New York Artists International Competition on piano!


    Congratulations to Jaelyn Chow and Brianna Lee for their acceptance to the Summer Arts Institute for music!


    Students are investigating the Evolution of American Social Dance from the 1900s to 2020s and how trends have changed specific to their timeline in history.  Examples are the 1950s Mambo, 1970s Disco, 1980s Breakdancing, etc.  Students work on solo choreographic pieces that feature the reconstruction of specified era dances.  They also work with partners in small groups conducting research, gathering data about world events, video clips of pop culture dance, design web graphs/ infographics and collaboratively share their findings with the class in a culminating presentation.


    Strings / Songwriting   

    Songwriting students have completed their second project: Collaborative Songwriting.  They wrote rhyming verses to a song around a class-wide theme, and recorded them to a beat using Bandlab for Education.  Here are their projects:


    Class 603:

    Class 6E1:

    Class 7A1:

    Class 8R1:


    String Orchestra and Modern Band Afterschool

    All groups are getting ready for an end-of-school year virtual performance.  Students: please get those recordings in (Flipgrid).  Families: Please stay tuned for date and time of the virtual performance, which will be announced soon, and please be sure to send in the media consent form for your student if you haven't already done so.



    Students who have been learning remotely and who have library books at home may bring them to school to return them to the library when they come in for the state math test.


    The Book and Gaming Club met for Minecraft Mondays on April 12 and 26.  May dates are May 10 and May 24.  Students who contributed to the Poetry Month project do not need to do any assignment to be invited to the May 10 Minecraft Monday meeting.


    Poetry Month Project - Students in the Book and Gaming Club contributed to this year's poetry month celebration:


    Library Web Site Update:

    Earth Day and Stop AAPI Hate -


    SORA E-book Reading Lists of the Month:

    Asian American / Pacific Islanders Collection -

    Chinese Language E-books -

    Japanese Culture & Manga -

    Laughter is the Best Medicine -

    Poetry & Prose -

    Cultural Connections -

    Restore Our Earth -

    DEAN:  Dr. Alban

    To All Parents/ Students: 

    • Thank you for continuing to wear your masks appropriately while in the school building.


    • As a reminder, your mouth and nose must be fully covered by the mask unless you are eating breakfast/ lunch.


    • Any incidents of bullying/ cyber-bullying, discrimination, harassment, intimidation by a student(s) to a student or students should be reported to me immediately.   


    • Cell phones are to be off and away during school including lunch time. 


    • Now that the weather is warming up, please make sure your child is appropriately dressed for school:
    • No halter tops
    • No spaghetti strap tops
    • No shorts shorter than just above the knee
    • Appropriate footwear -- no flip flops or slippers; sandals must have a strap on the back -- for safety reasons. 


    • If your child comes to school inappropriately dressed, I will call you to bring a change of clothes/ footwear to school for your child.   


    Parent Teacher Association

    • Teachers Appreciation Week begins on Monday, May 3rd and goes through Friday, May 7th and we need your support to assist with making this time very special.


    We would like for you to show your appreciation by posting messages, photos or even videos to our Kudoboard (link below). Our goal is to get 100 posts! We are sure we will probably get more. The teachers have truly done their best this past year despite the challenges faced. Let them know how much we care. Looking forward to your  wonderful posts.



    • Join us for the first PTA General Membership meeting on Tuesday,  May 18 at 7 PM . 

    School Website :

    Instagram: Follow us @ jhs190russellsage



      Josephine Aulicino, A.P.        Susan F. Monahan, A.P.       Caroline Meneses, A.P.


    Shoko Obata, Parent Coordinator

    Email : Phone: 718-830-4970 ext. 1561

  • NYS ELA & Math

    Please read this letter, JHS 190 ELA & Math Exams letter to Parents, thoroughly for information regarding the administration of the NYS ELA & Math Exams for Grades 6-8.




    - April 20, 2021 - Blended students in group A (last names A-L) who opted in for testing will report to the building.  All other students will engage in work remotely at home. 

    - April 21, 2021 - Remote students in group A (last names A-L) who opted in for testing will report to the building.  All other students will engage in work remotely at home.

    - April 22,2021 - Blended students in group B (last names M-Z) who opted in for testing will report to the building.  All other students will engage in work remotely at home. 

    - April 23, 2021 - Remote students in group B (last names M-Z) who opted in for testing will report to the building.  All other students will engage in work remotely at home.


    - May 4,2021 - Blended students in group A (last names A-L) who opted in for testing will report to the building.  All other students will engage in work remotely at home.

    - May 5, 2021 - Remote students in group A (last names A-L) who opted in for testing will report to the building.  All other students will engage in work remotely at home.

    - May 6,2021 - Blended students in group B (last names M-Z) who opted in for testing will report to the building.  All other students will engage in work remotely at home.

    - May 7, 2021 - Remote students in group B (last names M-Z) who opted in for testing will report to the building.  All other students will engage in work remotely at home.


    If you would like your child to leave after the exam (approximately 11:38 am) please complete the following permission slip


    Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please email any of the following staff members:

    Mrs. Obata: ; Mrs. Aulicino: ; Mrs. Meneses: ; Mrs. Monahan:



    The Russell Sage Administration

  • Last Chance to switch to In-Person Learning



  • Upcoming Spring 2021 NYS ELA & Math Exams

    Complete the JHS 190 2021 NYS ELA & Math Exam form by 4/9/2021.  This form will be used to plan the upcoming NYS ELA & Math State exams for students in grades 6-8.  If you have multiple children at JHS190 please submit 1 form per child. Information regarding the final dates & schedule will be shared via Pupilpath.  NYS Exams CANNOT be given remotely.  

    NYS ELA Exam Dates: April 19-29, 2021
    -- Grades 6-8

    -- The exam is composed of 4 passages and 28 multiple choice questions. It should take an average of 85 minutes to complete.

    NYS Math Exam Dates: May 3-14, 2021
    -- Grades 6-7; Grade 8 students will be scheduled for the Algebra I Regents Exam.

    -- The exam is composed of 24-26 multiple choice questions. It should take an average of 85 minutes to complete.


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    March Parent Newsletter

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