Math Team

Sage Math Team

The sage math team is in the middle of most of its competitions and has had a very busy few months.  The year started out with a visit to Stuyvesant high school.  While at Stuyvesant, our team was given a tour of the school and a presentation from the Stuyvesant math team.  We were also able to visit the robotics lab, chorus room, and orchestra.  All tours were led by graduates of Russell Sage and our math team members were able to fully participate in the classes.  

The editor of the stuyvesant newspaper, The Spectator, also did a presentation in conjunction with the debate team.  During February, the team competed at the Queens round of Mathcounts, a competition run and supported by the National Association of Professional Engineers.  We placed third and qualified to compete in the state round  in Albany on March 7th.  

The team traveled to Albany NY and were greeted at the Governor's executive chamber by Daniel Fuller, the assistant secretary of education for New York.  We were given a personal tour of the capital and the senate chamber.  This was followed by ice skating and a visit to the New York State museum.  

The following day the team competed at RPI college in Troy, New York.  The state team consisted of Fang Wan, Dieter Yang, Fishan Chowdury, and Hwiseo Choi.  Arslan Auyshin qualified as an individual and Eliza Phua was the alternate.  We are awaiting our placement.  The 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams also competed in the National Mathcon competition and we have 19 finalists that qualified for the National round in Chicago.  

Thank you to all of the parents who sacrifice their time to assist in all the team does.  Thank you to our administration who support and accommodate our team.  Thank you to Mr. Greggo who allows our team to follow their passion.  Last but not least, a huge thank you to the High School students who instruct the members of our team. 

They are Ben Gallai, Ivan Chen, Andrew Jiang, Xiaoshen Ma, Jennifer Sun, Josiah Moltz, Eric Huang and Steven Zhang.  All of them are members of the Stuyvesant math team and are committed to developing our students.  Please look out for a flyer regarding our summer math team camp.  This will be our 4th year and the camp will be two weeks in July, held at Russell Sage.  The camp is for our math team students but is also open to students who want to be challenged in new and competitive ways.  There will be details to follow.  Thank You.


Mr. Collins and Ms. Locasio