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GAMA Introduction - Parent & Student

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Grades, Attendance &
Messaging Application


1. Safer - Reduced security risks of the current systems and
2. Equity - All schools have access to a modern Grades, Attendance &
Messaging system
3. Singular Sign In through TeachHub/NYCSA → No need to create
additional accounts to third-party software or remember more
4. Imports rosters, courses and assignments to google classroom &
5. Alignment to NYCDOE Academic Policy
6. Will provide places for messages to be translated into 9 different
languages (more to come).
7. Provides seamless integration with ATS, HR system and NYSCA
and pulls in parent contact information from various source systems

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P4: Link :


1. Enter your name, cell phone number, and email, then click the “Validate Email”
2. Check your email for a message from for the 6-digit
3. Enter the code into the “Email Verification Number” box. Then click “Submit”.
4. Create a password following the guidelines.
5. Select three security questions and provide answers. Be sure to write your
Password and Answers to the Security Questions down and secure them in a
familiar place.
6. If you do not have your child’s Student ID # (OSIS) and Account Creation Code. If
you dont have AC Code, please reach out to Ms.Obata, Parent Coordinator will
follow up with you to provide this information.
7. Enter each child’s Student ID # (OSIS). You can also find the number on any
report card or by contacting your Parent Coordinator.
8. Enter your Account Creation Code provided by your Parent Coordinator (via
email). Then click on “Create Account”.
9. Congratulations! You have successfully created your account! Sign in to begin
using your account and view your child’s information.

P6 : Parent View 


P7: Manage Account - Click  "System Setting" . Guardian can change their email address/ password, student account ( ) password, set up the security questions , add students with access code and change their language . 


P8: Click 

 " MY Student" :  View student report cards & MP progress.

" Forms" : Review to complete consent forms

" Support Hub" :DIIT support if you need assistant with DOE technology or accounts 

P9: Click 

" Grade" - Course level grades and report cards both current and past 

"Assignments" - Find the assignments for those classes/courses with the grades for each assignment 

"Enrollment" -  Proof of student enrollment is available for Medicaid or Food Stamps, etc. 

" Forms" - Consent forms


P10 Assignments - Please Note that grades will be available for listed assignments after the teacher for that course releases the grades for parent/student view

Go To TeachHub and log in using your DOE Email address ( At the top bar select the MyDashboard Tab (second or third tab from the left) 


P12 Student Grades

Classes will be color coded to show at a glance the status of that student in that class. Green indicates Passing. Red indicates Not Passing. Grey indicates Ungraded or no grades released


P13 Student Grades

You may search for grades by term or marking period in the drop down menu

P14 Contact us 

If Guardians have trouble logging NYCSA, please reach out to our Parent Coordinator - Ms. Obata -

If you don’t see Grades & Assignments, reach out to Teachers (Find Staff directory:

If STUDENTS need assistance or questions regarding your account(s), please reach out to: your Grade level Guidance Counselor:
6th Grade - Ms. DelRio -
7th Grade - Ms. Goldstein -
8th Grade - Ms. Ebony -




NYC Schools Account


This school year Sage is using the NYC DOE developed GAMA (Grade, Attendance and Messaging Application).  This week they released the parent and student portal.  Students are able to view published assignments and assignment grades in TeachHub.  Families are able to view published assignments and assignment grades in NYCSA. If you need assistance logging into your accounts, please reach out to your guidance counselor:
Grade 6 - Ms. Del Rio -
Grade 7 - Ms. Goldstein -
Grade 8 - Ms. Ebony -
Please use the following links to view a walkthrough of how to use the systems: