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  • Dance Team 2022-2023


    Counseling & Social Worker Corner

    Counseling & Social Worker Corner
  • Dance Club (2021-2022)

    Counseling & Social Worker Corner

    Counseling & Social Worker Corner
  • 2022- 2023 School Year

    Ms. Ebony ( 8th grade School Counselor)

    Ms. Goldstein (7th grade School Counselor)

    Ms. Del Rio (6th grade School Counselor)

    Counseling & Social Worker Corner
  • School Counselors & Social Worker

    Counseling & Social Worker Corner
  • Ms. Del Rio

    Hello my 6th graders!

    I had the pleasure to meet some of you; keep up the good work. You all have been doing a great job adjusting to middle school.  Most of you  mentioned you like how you get to be more independent, and get to have different teachers compared to Elementary. This is your third month in middle school, you all should feel proud of yourselves.

    My office is a safe space where you can discuss your academic and social concerns. I am here to listen and offer solutions.

    NOTE: We’re not changing anymore talents; it will mix up the grades from each teacher. We try our best  to offer your first or second choice; you will be able to have different talents the following school year.


    All the best,


    Ms. Del Rio (Room 140B)

    Counseling & Social Worker Corner
  • Career Day 2022

    Every spring at Sage we facilitate a career day for our 8th graders. Without fail, it's always an exciting, meaningful and educational day. As we begin to plan for this year's event, we are looking for presenters. We love to have individuals from our greater school community share their stories, so If you, or someone you know, would be interested in participating we would greatly appreciate it. This year's event will once again be presented entirely on zoom and will be taking place on Tuesday, March 15.

    Counseling & Social Worker Corner
  • Career Day 2021

    Counseling & Social Worker Corner
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